Osteoarthritis in knee joint is common problem of population. Knee joint capsule is going to be affected with advancing of age. Knee pain is common symptom with reducing joint space in knee pain. When patient consult his clinician with complain of knee pain, clinician advise him few exercise & pain killer medicine. Initially pain subside with this medication but after certain stage, pain will not respond to this medication.

At this stage clinician advise to patient about joint replacement surgery. Many patients are not willing for surgery & in many cases knee joint osteoarthritis is not so much advanced that they need immediate surgery. Many patients are not fit for this surgery.

If complain of knee pain can be removed from these patients than they can continue with their natural knee joint for long time. There are few technique which removes pain from knee joint .

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One theory is that pain signals arises due to underlying slow inflammatory process in knee joint. Inflammation leads to hypervascularity & this hypervascularity leads to stimulation of sensory nerves for pain. If any method able to slow down this inflammatory process than pain also reduces. “GENICULAR ARTERY EMBOLIZATION is new advanced method which reduces hypervascularity & reduces pain.

2nd method is COOLIEF , Its cooled radiofrequency nerve ablation. It does genicular nerve neurotomy & removes pain signals from joint. i

COOLIEF & GENICULAR ARTERY EMBOLIZATION …..all these method are useful to reduced knee pain of patients. Total knee joint replacement surgery is superior to all these technique , but those patients who are not fit for surgery or not willing for surgery, these methods provide options for them & reduces pain.